How to Last Longer in Bed by Controlling Your Breathing

If you want to how to last longer in bed perhaps one of the easiest ways is to simply learn how to breathe correctly.

If you learn the simple tips below you will how to last longer and enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience. So here are some tips.

As you come near orgasm, your breathing usually gets faster and your heart rate increases.

During arousal, it increases from a resting rate to 35-40 breaths per minute. During orgasm, it may increase to over 50 breaths per minute.

Of all the physiological elements that take place in sexual intercourse, breathing is the only one that can be voluntarily controlled.

This leads to an obvious conclusion:

If you breathe slowly, your heart rate will decrease slightly and orgasm will be easier to delay.

How to get your breathing right

During intercourse here is what you need to do:

Take a long, deep inhale, wait a few seconds, and exhale slowly.

Maintain slow rhythmic, controlled breathing when you do so.

When you feel you are coming close to orgasm, the faster your breathing will become as the excitement mounts.

Pay attention and try and focus yourself to do the following:

Concentrate on long, slow breaths.

To do this inhale hold for a few seconds, then exhale slowly.

As your breathing slows, your body will become more relaxed – orgasms always feature fast breathes, so its obvious how breathing can make you how to last longer in bed.

You simply fool your body into thinking that it is not time for the process to be completed.

Another trick to slow your breathing

Don’t use your mouth to inhale – breathe slowly through your nose.

Nose breathing means slower breaths as the nostrils are simply smaller than your mouth.

Concentrate on breathing slowly if you get near orgasm.

Keep your mouth closed at this time.

Don’t force you’re breathing keep it slow and rhythmic.

The moment is coming!

When you want to delay orgasm simply try the following:

1. Breathe slowly and deeply through the nose.

2. Deeply inhale, hold and then slowly exhale concentrate on your breathing.

3. If you feel you have to stop and pause to delay, keep the slow nose breathing going during the break

Another tip

Breathing correctly cannot only help you how to last longer in bed it can also enhance the sexual experience.

Try and synchronize your breathing with that of your partners – This leads to a feeling of total oneness and can lead to incredible orgasms.

Breathing is vital for better sex

We have only touched on the importance of breathing correctly but we hope the above examples will encourage you to explore this subject further.


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