How To Last Longer in Bed

So you want to learn how to last longer in bed. Premature ejaculation is a common problem for hundreds of thousands of men throughout the world. You are NOT alone.

Many men want to know how to last longer in bed and many succumb to the pills and potions that are available today. The truth is that the majority of these pills and potions that claim to make you last longer do not work. To learn how to last longer in bed all you need to do is follow a few simple techniques and practice them. The most common problem with premature ejaculation is confidence. Practice these techniques and your confidence will soon build.


Relax and don’t tense, if you tense your muscles, especially your pc muscle you will increase pleasure but also bring orgasm that little bit quicker. This is a common mistake that many men make. Learn to relax your thigh and bum cheeks and especially your pc muscle and you will soon be having sex longer than you ever have before.

Position yourself

If your partner goes on top orgasm control is much easier. The more often you have sex like this the more confidence you will gain as you learn to control your orgasm. When learning how to last longer in bed, have sex with your partner on top, you can go on top once you have the confidence and control. The reason it is harder to control your orgasm whist on top is your body wait presses down creating more pressure and more pleasure. Also your body will be tensed which also makes it harder to control your orgasms.

Point Of No Return

This one tip is an important trick whilst learning how to last longer in bed. The point of no return (ponr). Every man knows their point of no return. The moment you pass that point where ejaculation is imminent. What you need to do here is think of your sexual pleasure as a scale. On your ponr scale think of 1 as not aroused at all through to 10 being the ponr. When having sex keep track of where you are on your ponr scale and if you rise to above 6 then slow down or change position.


If you fear orgasm, you will orgasm. Fear will build panic; panic will bring orgasm. If you worry about losing control of orgasm, the worry will bring orgasm quicker. Go into sex with confidence and belief. If you believe you can control orgasm, you will control orgasm. Using these techniques and tips will help give you the confidence to have better sex.

So now you have the basics to learning how to last longer in bed. There are many more techniques and guides available for you to read more on the subject.

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